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 Application Process



We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience a week of summer camp. Financial Assistance, to the extent possible, is available for those who cannot afford Tier I fees. We also offer Financial Assistance​ towards Family Camp and Women's Wellness Weekends and the process is the same as outlined below.
If you would like to apply for Financial Assistance, there are four components to your application. Please mail all four together to YMCA Camping Services; 909 Fourth Avenue; Seattle, WA 98104:
  1. Financial Aid Application. Please follow the directions on the application carefully. Only one application is required per family. If you are currently receiving Financial Assistance from a YMCA of Greater Seattle branch but are unsure of the percentage, please contact your branch or the Camping Services office.
  2. Registration Form. Please fill out a registration form for each child that you would like to attend camp.  It is important that the registration form is filled out completely.  Please make sure to indicate which specific session and program you would like to register your camper for, and on the "fee" line, please enter the "Tier I" price.  In the "Payment Information" section, again enter the "Tier I" session fee, and remember to indicate whether you would like to add transportation or store money, and your membership status. 
  3. Deposit. A deposit of $50 is required per session. You may pay the deposit with check, money order, or credit card.
  4. Income Verification. Please send your most recent tax return as income verification (campers need to be listed as dependents).  If your most recent return is more than 1 year old, or if you do not have a return to submit, please send TWO of the following income verifications for EACH adult in the household instead (example: if there is one adult in the household, send two income verification documents.  If there are two adults in the household, send two documents for Adult #1 and another two documents for Adult #2): 
      • Last two months of paycheck stubs
      • Current SSA/Social Security Retirement Documents
      • Current statement of award of benefits for TANF, SSI, GAU, or other public assistance
      • Most recent unemployment check stubs (2)
      • Last two months of bank statements
      • An official letter from a case manager or similar such authorities if you are unemployed, not receiving benefits, are participating in a structured job training or rehabilitation program, or are homeless or living in a homeless shelter.
Questions or concerns? Please contact the YMCA Camping Services office at 206.382.5009 or



 Frequently Asked Questions



How early should I apply? 
The earlier, the better.  Sessions and programs can fill quickly and financial assistance funds are limited. Funds WILL run out. Please apply as soon as you are able to provide all four of the components listed in the "Application Process."

How much financial assistance will I receive?

We award financial assistance on a sliding scale, based on your household income and the number of people in the household.  We award 5-70% financial assistance discount based on this scale.  The percentage is applied towards your session fees only (example: if a family qualifies for 50% financial assistance and the Tier I cost of the program is $699, they would receive $349.50 in financial assistance for that camper).  Financial assistance is not applied towards transportation fees or store money fees.  If you currently receive financial assistance from a YMCA of Greater Seattle branch, we will match the percentage that they award your family, up to 70%.   

What if the program that I try to register my camper for is full?

If the program that you indicated on your Registration Form has already filled, we will add your camper's name to the program's waitlist and call you to discuss alternative programs or sessions.

Will my deposit be refunded if my camper does not attend the program that he or she is registered for?

Deposits are refundable until April 1st.  Between April 1st and June 1st, everything but the deposit is refundable.  After June 1st, nothing is refundable (except with a doctor's note or proof of other extenuating circumstances).  If your camper is a "no-show" (i.e. you do not cancel his or her registration), nothing is refundable.  If you know that your camper will not be attending his or her session or would like to move him or her to a different session, please contact us immediately.

How will I be notified of my financial assistance award?
When financial assistance is awarded, you will receive an email with an invoice attached showing the session and program for which your camper is registered, the total charges, and the amount of financial assistance being awarded.  You will also receive an invoice in the mail with other camp materials.

What if my camper is interested in multiple weeks of camp?
So that we are able to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to attend camp, we are only able to award financial assistance toward one session of camp per camper per summer. 

What if I'm unable to pay my balance by the June 1st deadline (or upon receipt of invoice if registering after June 1st)?
We can work with you to set up a payment plan that will ensure your balance is paid by the time your camper's session starts.  To set up a payment plan, please contact the Camping Services office at 206.382.5009.  Again, the earlier you call us to establish a payment plan, the better.  

There are extenuating circumstances that should be taken into account with my Financial Assistance application, how can I communicate this?
If you feel that there are circumstances we should be aware of (decrease in income from what is shown on your Tax Return, loss of job, etc.), please include a note with your application that includes a description of the circumstances.  We will do our best to take these circumstances into consideration when awarding your financial assistance.

How will applying for Financial Assistance affect my camper's experience?
1 in 7 of our campers attends camp with the help of financial assistance.  Receiving financial assistance will have no effect on your camper's experience.  Financial assistance is anonymous, and camp staff and campers are not told who is or is not receiving financial assistance.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact the YMCA Camping Services office at 206.382.5009 or
Financial Assistance